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Pooya Kazemi is an artist and writer who was born and raised in Iran and is now based in Zurich. They hold a Photography BFA from the University of Art in Tehran and are currently pursuing an MA in Transdisciplinary studies at Zurich University of the Arts. Their practice focuses on the politics of memories, creative politics, and everyday life, involving experimental writing, photographic image, as well as theoretical research.

Pooya Kazemi
Artist/ Writer
Born and raised in Iran, 1998
Based on Tehran, Iran and Zurich, Swizerland


•M.A. in Transdisciplinary Studies, Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), Zurich,
Switzerland, 2022-2024 (expected)
•B.F.A. in Photography, University of Art (TUA), Tehran, Iran, 2016-2020 (GPA: 3.7/Honored as a top student)
•Pre-Bachelor program in Fine Arts, School of Fine Arts, Esfahan, Iran, 2015

Furthur Program
•School of Commons, in collaboration with Erfan Safari. Zurich, Switzerland, 2023-2024 (granted)
•Tiny Food Forest, Part of the Right for We Project, ZHdK, FHNW, HSLU. 2023
•Two Cities: Tehran-Dortmund, Tehran, Iran, Dortmund, Germany, 2018-2019

•Sarazad Platform. artistic research on art, history, and politics. 2021
•Photography Students Association. TUA, Tehran. 2017-2020

Work Experience
•Writer, Darz Art (magazine section) Tehran/Online. 2021-2022
•Editor-in-chief, and editorial team, Calotype Magazine, TUA, Tehran. 2018-2021
•Freelance photography and videography, 2016-present

Awards and Honors
•Excellence Scholarship, Fondation ZHdK, (nominated)
•Best performative art concept,(nominated andselected) the “Mokhtas” festival, Participatedwith Amir Mohammad Ebrahimi. 2021
•Best Arts studies magazines, in the national student journals, “Titr”festival, for Calotype Magazine, 2021
•Fellowship for the two cities: Tehran-Dortmund, DAAD, Germany. 2019
•Selected in the Best Film Set Photographs, “Nahal” Film Festival,
University of Art, Tehran. 2019


•“Banafshe-ha” (Migration of Violets), HOX Magazine, Vol. 3, Zurich, Switzerland, 2022
•Experimental Writing, Zine, ZHdK, Zurich, Switzerland, 2023
•Recreate the city, Comparative Media Arts Journal, No. 11. Canada/Online, 2022
•Survivors: Sub-narrations.Blurred Future. Pilgrim CHAT, Spain/Online, 2021
•Eyes and Untold Stories: On Look at Us exhibition, DarzArt. Tehran, Iran/Online, 2021
•Narration on battlegrounds of memory and history, IZ Magazine, Vol.3. Tehran, 2021
•100 Years Urban Landscape Photography in Tehran, “Elmi Farhangi” Pub. Tehran, 2021
•Postcards for Beirut, Lebanon/Online, 2021
•Arts in the pendency: Arts and the pandemic, “Cheshmak” Mag. Vol. 8, Tehran, 2020
•Looking for Students: on the Play time exhibition, IZ Magazine, Vol. 2, Tehran, 2020
•Postcards in the constitutional revolution Iran, Calotype Magazine, Vol.10,Tehran,2019
•Two Cities: Tehran-Dortmund (2018-2019), Lensing, Dortmund, Germany 2019

Editorial Experience
•Photography and the Subaltern, Editor-in-chief, Calotype. Vol.13 2021
•Photography and Words, Board Member of Editors, Calotype. Vol.12, 2020
•Photography and Social Movements (No. 2), Editor-in-chief, Calotype. Vol.11, 2020
•Photography and Social Movements (No.1), Editor-in-chief, Calotype. Vol.10, 2019

Exhibitions and Events 
•Disheveled, Woven, Remembered, Cop. with Delnia Rahimizadegan, BLOB exhibiton, Summer Camp, Rote Fabrik, Zurich, 2023.
•SONOSYNTHESIS, Noise #2 (participated), Migrart, Zurich, Switzerland, 2023
•Traces/Letters, Sensory Ethnography, ZHdK, Zurich, Switzerland, 2022
•Rap on thursdays, two-cities, FH Dortmund, Dortmund,Germany, 2019
•Recreate, two-cities, Negarkhane Honar, Tehran, Iran, 2019
•“Nahal”, “Nahal” Festival, The Iranian Artist Forum. Tehran, Iran, 2019
•Articulating the city, Collabroated with Pouya Yasini, Experience of the City, •Negarkhane Honar. Tehran, Iran, 2018
•Platform 101- Vol.1, Exhibitions Tour (Roberoo Mansion, Negar, No.4 ,Matn, Alihah, and Ariana Galleries,) Tehran and Esfahan, Iran, 2018
•3rd Noghre Photography Festival. Negarkhane Honar, Tehran, Iran, 2017
•Noghre Photography Festival. Negarkhane Honar, Tehran, Iran, 2016

Moderation and Communication
•Symposium Contested Memory (introduction/reflection), ZHdK, Zurich, Switzerland, 2023
•Public sphere and Creative politics. (discussion and moderation), Calotype Mag. Vol.14, 2022
•Photography, History and the Subaltern, (interview). Calotype Mag. Vol.13, 2022
•Photography and Social Movements Symposium (conceived and hosted), TUA, 2019
•Critical introductions to photography, reading seminar (conceived and hosted), TUA, 2018

•Artist Talk, University of Art; Tehran, Iran, 2019
•Artist Talk, Fachhochschule Dortmund,, Germany, 2019

•Persian/Farsi (native)
•English (fluent)