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Disheveled, Woven, Remembered

Cooperation with Delnia Rahimizadegan

How is collective memory woven and strengthened? Despite its begining in a diverse array of experiences and an abundance of layered memories, how a homogenous and consistent narrative be can appeared as history and collective memory? Amidst this multiplicity, how do the unique characteristics of individual experiences dissolve, only to be overshadowed by the grand narratives of the victors in history?

Our exercise-experiment located not as a response to these questions, but as a reaction to such an apparatus and mechanism.This reaction stems from the urgent need to acknowledge differences, the inconsistent and layered experiences, in opposition to homogeneity. It's an endeavor for recalling and rememberingin a potentially more equitable way. In this context, our attempt is the recovery of our personal narratives and memories in a collective and communal ground. But it's neither a homogenious nor a uniform commonality.

In the first experiment, we turn to hair, and strive to summon narratives prior to 'the incident' - those less known, in order to better realize the present. Hair, in this context, is in the battleground of power and resistance. It is from these battles that our subjectivities and positionalities are shaped; from the micro-histories that are invoked for the exercise of multidirectional remembering and the pursuit of manifold identities. This experiment will take shape through mediation and dialogue between realms and materials of memories.